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McKenzie Sheppard


McKenzie is a born and raised West Texas native. She started her career in real estate by working as an assistant for one of Lubbock’s local Realtors where she learned the importance of systems and communication with all parties in order to have a smooth and successful real estate transaction.

During her first year, McKenzie saw the lack of communication between the average Realtor and all those involved in a transaction. She made it her goal to make sure that every party involved was up to date and in touch with the transaction from start to finish! McKenzie enjoys every aspect of the real estate transaction, and she wants her clients to as well. She holds herself to a high standard of making every client know that she has their best interest at heart and that she is working with them to hit that closing table! She prides herself on ensuring each client is 100% satisfied with her services, every time!

After she and her husband welcomed their daughter, Magnolia, in August of 2017, McKenzie turned her focus to perfecting the systems of communication and transaction management as an Office Administrator and Transaction Coordinator. She started growing her team of transaction coordinators to fulfill the growing needs of Agents across Texas. Since then their family has grown with another daughter, Jolee in January 2019!

Over the past several years in Real Estate, McKenzie has focused on the operations side of real estate, focusing on efficient systems and processes that make the lives of her agents & her teams easier and more streamlined. She enjoys consulting with small teams and brokerages to help them look at the systems in the big picture in order to encourage growth & efficiency.

As much as McKenzie enjoys the front side of a real estate transaction, she knows that the real work starts after the contract is signed! She has created systems that have been proven to be time-efficient and effective for every agent! She enjoys being that go-to person to keep the deal on track for closing.

McKenzie knows that it is the little things during the transaction that will put the agents over the top against their competitors!

McKenzie Sheppard
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