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The Perfect Workflow For Including Your Assistant

There are a lot of players in the back of the house in Real Estate transactions. Rightfully so, due to the weight of buying or selling a home. So what is the best way to ensure all key players are in the loop? We have found the most success comes from our partnered agent doing what we call a "soft intro" to their client first. Sending a quick email stating that you have an assistant, that they are "CC'd" on this email, and what role your assistant plays in the transaction helps your clients know they have another person on their team. If your assistant is left off of an email with an escrow officer or loan officer, a gentle reply all, adding your assistant back into the transaction with a reminder that including us will get their needs fulfilled faster. Everyone working in the back of the house should be rooting for the agents to generate more business, so including their assistants should be as important to them as it is to you. As an agent, don't be afraid to remind the other parties your assistant is there to help.

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