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Haven't seen this in a while

2021 was by far one of our busiest years in Real Estate. 2020 took off, and we all got comfortable in our seller's market. Multiple offers became our normal, and both listing and selling agents quickly became exhausted. We've heard about a market shift enough this year, but we are feeling the impact of the shift. Many markets have already become a buyer's market (meaning there are several months of inventory available to buyers). Not all of our sellers are ready for the hot-priced, fast-paced market they've seen in the past 20 months to slow down. Many are still overpricing their homes, and we're seeing more and more listings have price improvements and starting to see listings expire.

Luckily, we've got a roadmap for you. We've chatted with operational leaders in Real Estate teams all over the country, and here are three tips we have for you.

⭐ Make sure your scripts are updated to the current market. Your information should be current and clear.

⭐ In your initial listing appointment, explain the market and have a clear plan with your sellers. (For example, if this home has no offers in 10 days, we will drop the price $10k) Have them prepared, just in case.

⭐ If you have to do a price adjustment and the house has been shown, email/text/call the previous buyer's agents who showed the property to let them know of the price change

Need more guidance? Drop me a DM 💬

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