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Totality was established in 2017 to fill a need between real estate agents, vendors, and clients. There is a huge lack of communication and systems for every party to stay informed and updated, which were time-efficient and effective.

Totality is here to fill that need. As agents, the top priority is prospecting and taking appointments - not paperwork!

We are a Real Estate Support Team with 20+ years of combined real estate experience and proven transaction management systems to serve the real estate community. We have agent concierge packages to take even more off an agent's plate. Our goal is to remove the burden of training and overhead in an evolving market. We individualize the needs of our clients to improve their productivity, efficiency, and communication.

Our Mission and Values are very important elements of our partnership.


We equip our partners with the ability to focus on their growth and success with minimal overhead. Meaning that we are fully trained with thousands of transactions amongst the team. We have our systems and processes that we cater to your specific needs for your clients and business. Our partnership will encompass respect, honesty, and consistency. Because we are a team, another coordinator will happily carry the torch in their place when one of our coordinators takes a vacation or time away. This ensures your transaction will continue to move forward with little upset.

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